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Unforgettable Special Event Charters

Your team is in the championship finals. Your favorite act/artist has a concert coming up. Your alma mater is playing their big rivals this season.

You have the tickets. Now how are you getting there?

Taking a private jet charter to your next big event could be a comfortable, convenient, and memorable way to add to the experience.

There are a few things that we keep in mind at MAVCO to help make your trip seamless:

  1. Crew Restrictions. The FAA limits the working hours for charter pilots. A specific amount of "duty time" is allowed following a "rest period." Under normal charter rules a pilot is limited to a 12 hour duty day. After the 12 hours ON your pilots must have at least 10 hours OFF as a rest period before flying again. While these numbers can be stretched slightly under special circumstances, we try to keep all MAVCO special event charters within a 10 hour window to allow your pilots 1 hour each for a thorough pre-flight and post-flight before and after your trip. We want your pilots bright eyed and bushy tailed for your flights! For example; let's say the big game starts at 1:00PM and is expected to last 3 hours. Your departure airport is 2 hours from the event's closest airport. If we set a 10:00AM departure your pilots' days starts at 9:00AM. After an on-time takeoff your jet lands with plenty of time to get to the game via pre-arranged chauffeured ground transportation. You can always return earlier, but to ensure that your jet and crew are back to your starting airport within duty time, we would set a 6:00PM departure time. That gets you back to your starting airport by 8:00PM and gives the crew time to close up the jet before their 9:00PM time limit. If you want to stay longer, a work around is to have the crew start a rest period after arriving at the event's closest airport. However, once the pilots start the rest period they must stay undisturbed for 10 hours. We add some time on either end to allow for transit to/from a local hotel so generally require a 12 hour stay in the event city (arriving earlier and/or departing later). Maybe there is a tailgate party before the game. Maybe you have dinner reservations in town after the game. With our 10:00AM departure/12:00PM arrival scenario above, your pilots would be ready for a 12:00midnight departure back home on a fresh clock.

  2. Airport Restrictions. Major events bring in much more private jet traffic than a usual day at many airports. While larger airports have plenty of space for aircraft parking, many of the more convenient private jet airports will require pre-arrival landing, parking, and departure reservations. With the influx of aircraft and added ground handling personnel requirements there are often "special event fees" that apply to visiting aircraft. Our recommendation is to book your charter as early as possible to allow MAVCO to make pre-arrival arrangements. A backup option is to use the next-closest airport. For example, when Augusta Regional Airport in Georgia is packed with aircraft during the Masters Tournament, many jets use Aiken Airport about a 30 minute drive away in South Carolina. Even a huge airport like Las Vegas Reid International will run out of parking space for a big boxing match. We would likely recommend North Las Vegas Airport or Henderson Airport also in the Las Vegas area for a last minute charter booking.

  3. Airspace Restrictions. Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) are issued by the FAA to control air traffic around major events. Along with the sometimes overwhelming amount of air traffic are security concerns. The Super Bowl in February is historically the busiest day for private aviation with NFL fans flying for the festivities. The host city varies annually and a custom air traffic plan is arranged for the area airports during the week of the game. The Super Bowl TFR around State Farm Stadium in Arizona last February stretched a 30 mile radius for certain traffic with a 10 mile radius no-fly zone from 3 hours before kickoff to 1 hour after the final play. Again, booking well ahead of your event is key to securing arrival, parking, and departure slot reservations. Super Bowl LVIII will be held Sunday, 11 February 2024 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

MAVCO has access to hundreds of safe, comfortable, and reliable aircraft of all different sizes. Whether you are traveling with a pair of tickets or a group of 12-14 fans we will have the right aircraft for your trip.

We also love adding custom catering and even team/artist decorations to your jet. We helped with a charter to a recent Taylor Swift Era's Tour concert in Los Angeles for a group of four Swifties and had the jet setup for the special event. Catering was complete with Shirley Temple mixings for the guest of honor!

You have the tickets. Now how are you getting there?

We just need a few details to put together a custom jet charter quote for your next trip.

Send over your date(s) of travel, passenger count, and your event to and we can get started.

You can always visit the MAVCO contact/quote webpage to send in your trip request, as well.

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