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Seamless Transfers - Ground Transportation with MAVCO

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

A fundamental certainty of using private aviation is that passengers still need to travel to and from an airport.  While the private jet airport experience is far more convenient than that of airline terminals, private jets still need to use runways which take up a lot of space and are usually not close to city centers.  One question we always ask when arranging a MAVCO private jet flight is, “how are you planning to get to and from the airport?"

There are several options for traveling from your location to your awaiting jet, and then from your arrival airport to your final destination.  A huge benefit of using private aviation is the amount of time saved over using the traditional airlines. Instead of going through the hassles of a busy airline terminal, private jet passengers can (almost always) pull their car right up to the jet and be on their way in minutes.  Ground transportation solutions include chauffeured car service, rental cars, ridesharing, or the passenger’s personal vehicle.  There is always private helicopter service available to help as well!

Chauffeured Car Service

Using a sedan or SUV service is convenient, comfortable, and reliable.  Professional drivers know local roads and traffic patterns and can get passengers to or from their jet quickly and safely.  Just like selecting a private jet for your trip, passengers can customize their ground transportation experience with a specific model of car or SUV.  With say two passengers and light luggage, a Lincoln MKS or Mercedes 550 sedan might be the best fit.  With a larger group, more luggage, or if pets are travelling, a large SUV like the Chevrolet Suburban could be more comfortable.  Even larger groups may prefer the Mercedes Sprinter van and stretch limos are always an exciting addition to a private jet trip.  As part of the MAVCO service, we are happy to make arrangements for chauffeured car service through our network of partners.  We also confirm the driver’s name, vehicle registration, and keep track of the vehicle’s location to make the transition between jet and vehicle as seamless as possible.

Rental Cars

Rental cars are a great option for private jet travelers interested in having access to a vehicle while away on vacation or on business.  The rental car agencies make it easy for jet users to enjoy their cars by offering complimentary car delivery to private jet FBO terminals.  Provided the driver has a rental car membership with credit card and driver’s license information updated, the car will be ready and waiting upon arrival and can be left with the ground service team upon departure.

Ride Sharing

Uber and Lyft, as well as premium services Uber Black and Lyft Lux, can be excellent choices for departing and arriving private jet travelers.  While drivers may not be vetted as a professional chauffeur, pricing is usually very competitive and a vehicle is almost always available nearby.

Personal Vehicle

Arriving to your private jet flight via your personal vehicle is always welcome.  Upon arriving at the FBO executive terminal, all the driver needs to do is pull up to the tarmac gate, report the aircraft tail number to the attendant, and then pull the car up to the awaiting jet.  The ground team will help transfer luggage to the aircraft and then valet your vehicle while you are away.  This service is offered at an overwhelming majority of private jet facilities and can include a car wash, detailing, and indoor storage to protect your car from the weather.  Upon your return you can step off the jet and right into your own freshly cleaned car!

While the private jet flight may be the main event, ground transportation to and from the airport are key factors in creating the seamless travel experience MAVCO strives to deliver on each and every trip.

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