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The Dreaded Mechanical

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

It is the unfortunate truth that even the most sophisticated private jets are machines and are susceptible to technical difficulties. Mechanicals are a rare occurrence but they can happen and lead to delays. As frustrating as a mechanical issue can be, it is important to know that we are here to ensure you, your family, and your colleagues reach your destination in a safe and timely manner.

If an aircraft has been removed from service due to a mechanical problem, it has been done so in the interest of your safety. The pilots that fly MAVCO charters are the most qualified and experienced in the industry. Their expertise in their profession (especially when they are forced to take an aircraft out of service) is paramount to safety. Same goes for the maintenance techs tasked with keeping aircraft up and running. We will not release an aircraft on a charter without 100% confidence that you are in a safe environment. Know this; we would rather lose your business on all future travel instead of putting you in one unsafe situation. A mechanical is inconvenient but not worth taking unnecessary risks.

MAVCO's Promise to You: 4 Points of Communication

Believe me, your charter coordinator is not happy about reporting a mechanical issue. Your time is valuable and we hate making the call to deliver bad news that may delay your travel plans. After all, the likely reason you choose to use private aviation is to save time and leave on your schedule. Communication is crucial in the days leading up to your flight and the day of your flight. Your charter coordinator is available via direct phone, email, and text and will keep you updated throughout a mechanical process. When it happens, we take the steps below to ensure you are informed.

First: You will know about a mechanical situation as soon as we do. When we receive word that there could be a problem with your aircraft we notify you first and then get to work on a recovery solution. We would much rather you stay at your home, hotel, or office until we have a solution and not wait around the FBO (especially during the COVID-19 crisis). We will keep you updated throughout the process.

Second: We reach out to our partner operators and come up with a timely recovery solution. Per our operational standards and FAA rules, we will notify you of the new operator, tail number, and if there are any changes in cost before locking in the new aircraft. Just like all MAVCO flights, your replacement aircraft and crew must pass a preflight safety audit through ARG/US or Wyvern Ltd.

Third: Your recovery jet will likely need to reposition to your origin airport. You will receive messages from us when the jet has departed on its reposition flight and when it is scheduled to land at your origin airport. The process of refueling can take 20-30 minutes depending on the aircraft and other traffic at the FBO. We always do our best to schedule a "quick turn" with your departure FBO to have you on your way as soon as possible.

Fourth: "Lets get out of here!" Your replacement jet arrives, refuels, and you are on your way to your destination! Your day may have been delayed but you can rest easy knowing you're flying on a safe aircraft. Any ground transportation arranged at your destination will have also been updated with your new arrival time.

I can imagine many of my colleagues will sound off to this post with stories of their charter clients' past delays. This post was 'inspired' (for lack of a better word) by a mechanical situation we had on a recent MAVCO flight. In the interest of safety, the originally scheduled Citation light jet was removed from service and a midsize Citation Excel flew in as a replacement. There ended up being a 3 hour delay for the passengers but they arrived at their destination safely and at no added cost to the client.

Again, mechanical issues are very rare but knowing you are working with a trusted, experienced, and dedicated charter company can make the situation much easier. At MAVCO we look forward to earning your trust the next time you are considering a private jet charter.

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